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The Tree Bee Society of Great Britain

Is a U.K. Government registered not for profit Community Interest Company (CIC), our core aim is to save and protect Great Britains Bumble and Honey Bees. We do this by funding research projects, educational talks, public speaking and by providing a unique and highly specialised bee removal service from domestic and commercial properties for bees that have come into conflict with mankind.

Bumblebees in the U.K. are seasonal and as such we only interfere with their nests and remove them as as a last resort. We provide a national service for honey bee removals which are not seasonal unlike bumblebees the colony continues to grow year on year until eventually the honey that they produce often brings down ceilings, blocks cavity walls and chimneys. An average size of a honeybee colony in the summer is around 50,000 bees, they will easily produce around six litres of honey and it is not uncommon for us to remove bees from domestic and commercial properties that have been there in excess of ten years.

Once we have removed the bees without harm we re-locate them back to our apiaries located across West Lancashire and Merseyside where the bees live quite happily in the wildflower meadows away from people. As a award winning conservation group we do not exploit the bees, but we do harvest the excess honey and beeswax that they produce to produce a range of natural cosmetics, the sales of the cosmetics helps us to self fund our conservation work.

Bee Removal