Honeybees (or Honey Bees) have been present in the UK since the end of the last Ice Age and are an important pollinating species. They are smaller than both Wasps and Bumblebees and unlike the other two, make Honey!



Honeybees do swarm and while their natural habitat is tree cavities, quite often they set up new colonies in our properties and homes. The Tree Bee Society offers a removals service for Honeybee colonies that are found in and around properties. Examples of our work can be seen in our gallery.

We provide a national service for honey bee removals, which unlike seasonal bumblebees, the colony continues to grow year on year. Long term, this can cause issues – we have found that the honey produced by these colonies often brings down ceilings, blocks cavity walls and chimneys. An average size of a honeybee colony in the summer is around 50,000 bees, they will easily produce around six litres of honey and it is not uncommon for us to remove bees from domestic and commercial properties that have been there in excess of ten years.

If you believe you have a colony of Honeybees living in your property, please email us at beemail@treebee.org.uk along with the following;

  • Photographs of where the bees are coming and going, the area underneath their entrance
  • Letting us know roughly how high up they are
  • How long they’ve been there

Please understand that summer is our busiest period and while we endevour to reply to all emails within 24-48 hours, at busier times this may take longer.